Pit Beauty

Our Story

The mountainous landscape was drenched in oranges, pinks and yellows as the sun descended for the evening. Off in the distance, a creature caught my eye. As I was driving, there wasn’t time for my brain to register much, only to question: was that a mountain goat? Or a coyote? In short order, I was again engulfed in the dazzling scenery. Then I spotted another creature, this one padding close to the highway. No, it wasn’t a goat or a coyote. It was a Pit Bull. Immediately I realized, the figure I’d seen a few miles back had also been a Pit Bull. How did not one, but two Pit Bulls end up out in the middle of nowhere?

The rest of the drive, my mind was whirring. Were the dogs hungry and thirsty? After all, the terrain was rugged with few signs of water, much less food sources. Surely, their “people” were missing them. Once back in the city, I made a beeline for the hotel concierge. Should I report a missing dog? Actually, two.

The concierge's response elicited tears on my part. Pit Bulls were outlawed in the city. Shelters were overflowing, so had no choice but to turn them away. The issue had evolved to owners dumping dogs in the countryside and hoping for the best. “I should go back…” I muttered to myself. The concierge gave me a sad smile. “It’s unlikely you’ll find them again. Though you may stumble upon others.”

The magnitude of the issue hit me. Hard. Rescuing just one Pit Bull would make a difference, but, I wanted to do something more. I became involved with various organizations aimed at raising breed awareness, got up close and personal as a foster and considered organizing a rescue caravan 2,000 miles away to that spot in the wilderness that had started my Pit Bull journey. Then, I had an idea.

There’s a clock ticking for Pit Bulls on myriad levels, mostly stemming from stigma that’s only grown in fervor over time. There had to be a way to associate this loving breed with, well, beauty and the idea of care. It was this kernel of an idea that became Pit Beauty Cosmetics,  a vehicle to unite people around the globe in an effort to spread the word, raise funds and find a resolution to this problem.  Click here to learn more about how and where we give near you.

Thank you for joining me on this quest. Thank you for shining a light on the beautiful souls that are Pit Bulls.



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