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The Science of Quality Behind the Makeup Brand That Helps Pit Bulls

This product review is for those of you who haven’t yet tried Pit Beauty cosmetics, because those who already have know how great our makeup is already!

And, you don’t have to take our word for it! Go see for yourself all the 5 Star Reviews Pit Beauty has earned from real customers.

1. This product deserves everybody’s notice:

Pit Beauty Mascara

Saying it’s an ultimate must-have is not enough. Below are just few of many great features of Pit Beauty’s absolute bestseller:

  • The color, mascara is as black as worse sinners’ soul! The color is intense and will give your eyes most seductive depth ever
  • Application – company worked so long to get the perfect consistency, we loving calling it ‘not too thick, not too thin’.  No more nightmare of thick mascara that glues your lashes! No more nightmare of thin mascara that no matter how much you apply, gives no effect at all!
  • Developed cruelty-free, with no testing on animals,  the mascara is made with safe, organic ingredients. Means the mascara is gentler than competitor’s products, and even person with very sensitive eyes can freely use it
  • The formula is very smooth, and the cosmetic doesn’t form any clumps or lumps, doesn’t run, no to any strange and unwanted behaviors. Mascara applies like the most expensive ones on the market, giving rich, glamour look
  • Curved brush allows you to reach almost every lash, even the thin and short ones. The more lashes you paint the better volume and the ‘wow effect’ – yes we know, you love it too!

Remember this mascara, this 4 in 1 product, that curls, volumizes, lengthens and lasts all day long. Hypoallergenic and, of course, paraben-free.

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2. Let us introduce you to

Pit Beauty Lip Gloss

(from our Vegan Collection)

The Pit Beauty Matte Liquid Lip Gloss – name says it all. You know you need this. You can chose among 3 colors - each of them matching any skin tone. We selected the 3 colors to give most natural, balmy, glossy, young and fresh lips look possible.

Besides the amazingly lush quality of the lip gloss, the product is cruelty-free (as are all Pit Beauty products).

 The Pit Beauty Lip Gloss is made for girls that want more than just gloss.  The product is

    • -      very balmy, but not too wet
    • -      ultra-hydrating
    • -      regenerating
    • -      volumizing
    • -      soft
    • -      paraben free

-      gluten free

  • -      and hypoallergenic

You can click here for a full list of ingredients

The lip gloss will give you amazing shine that will make your face look young and healthy.   Never disappointing… and perfect even for sensitive skin. And the smell… Luscious cardamom and nutmeg flavor… You will love applying the lip gloss just for that smell.

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(did we mention? every purchase pays for Pit Bull Rescues)

3. For The Girl Who Likes To Have It All:

The Pit Love Collection

The 4 products that you use most often:

  • -      Mascara
  • -      Lip Gloss
  • -      Lip Stick
  • -      Gel Eyeliner

Buying a set is a good idea! You get all your favorite products, Pit Beauty bestsellers, in lower price, and, you get a free Makeup Pouch with Every Collection you Order.

With each purchase of a Pit Beauty Collection, Pit Bull Shelters in Your State Are Supported By a $10 Donation!  That means that while you save - we donate more!  

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All products are long lasting, amazingly pigmented, with smoothest texture, easily applicable, all of them having so many 5* reviews on Pit Beauty – check reviews here, Pit Beauty created ‘Collections’ to deliver more satisfactions to customers, help them save money, and help our beloved pitties even more.

Click to See the Pit Love Collection at PitBeauty.com

4. how the whole look starts 

Pit Face Primer

Primer is an often forgotten cosmetic, and it should be treated as essential. No matter  your skin type – problematic skin will get smoother, more even look; smooth skin will be prepared to wear makeup all day. Using primer is such an advantage!

About the product:

  • 100% VEGAN.  ALWAYS Cruelty Free, NEVER tested on animals.
  • You can wear it both – under and over makeup! Thanks to its oil-free, gentle texture you can even put it on after doing your makeup. Under it evens skins, over it makes makeup last longer
  • It absorbs oil and reduces pores – us girls need to be extra cautious about those pores, if we use cosmetics that clogs and stops pores on our face skin, our skin stops breathing – it will get older fast and we increase our odds of getting all kinds of nasty pimples
  • You can wear it alone as well, without foundation, it will protect and perfect skin

Primer contains:

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Pit Beauty offers all the goodies you need. Try any product and fall in love! Help pitties and spoil yourself, getting the gorgeous diva look. Our company is very proud of all products, only choosing the best ingredients, the most strong and feminine and lasting colors, with most gentle and applicable structure.  This is exactly what we want you to experience when you use our makeup!

Still have questions?  You can read all the Pit Beauty Product Reviews from 100% Verified Buyers here.

Learn More at www.PitBeauty.com.

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