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How Much Will Breed Specific Legislation Cost Your City?


            The BFAS has created an estimator of the cost that Breed Specific/Discriminatory Legislation (BSL/BDL) will cost cities and counties across the US. It estimates the number of dogs in the area selected and from that, the number of pit bulls. It also approximates the kennel, veterinarian, enforcement, and legal fees associated with the proposed or perhaps existing laws. It also has talking points to be used in opposition to the legislation; both local and general.

            The Best Friends Animal Society (BFAS) has been advocating for spay-and-neutering practices, no-kill shelters and promoting pet adoption in conjunction with many other animal rights advocacy and animal rescue groups across the United States for nearly 30 years. They are also opposed to any laws that seek to ban or criminalize particular dog breeds, including pit bulls.

Pit Bull Bans: Public Safety Measure or Bigoted Legislation?

            BSL in the United States came about largely in the 1980’s, when fear of attacks ran rampant and media coverage feed that fire. Many states, cities, counties and municipalities across the country enacted breed discriminatory laws. The laws range from simple registration (something like a sex offender list), to an all-out ban. These laws usually target bully breeds (breeds that share a common heritage with pit bulls, the face put to dangerous dogs) which have become the mascot for people who think dogs will eat them and their children if given half a chance.

            These laws only prevent people from making their own decisions and living with the consequences or benefits of those decisions. The costs associated with enforcing these bans are ridiculous and unnecessary. So where do the benefits come in? At what point is the good of the people advanced? Stopping potential dog attacks from one breed of dog, while not taking steps against over-breeding or not enforcing laws to punish negligent or bad owners is punitive to a select group of people; in other words, bigoted legislation.

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