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Beauty Tips for Flawless
Makeup this Winter

OMG! We just realized it’s November already! Christmas parties and New Years Eve is coming, it is about time to think how we going to shine this year. What to do to impress everybody with that flawless makeup and diabolic sexy look.

Pit Beauty chose absolute best beauty hacks for any girl, any skin type, and any makeup look. You must read this and remember them forever. Let’s start!

Tip no 1
Did You Ever Think How To Best Apply Foundation?

Do you know that there is one style of applying to make the foundation look like your second skin? You didn’t? Well, you will know now.

Start with the center – put cosmetic at the center of your face, no matter if you use beauty sponge or a brush, always start with the center.

Then, with smooth moves start distributing the product on your face, with straight moves, under a gentle, falling angle. Let the product fade naturally.


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Tip no 2
Apply Bronzer and Contour Cosmetics Only Where You Need Them!

Do not apply dark cosmetics the way everybody does it on Instagram. Better look at yourself in the mirror and see what parts of your face most need concealment. Maybe your cheeks are perfect and you don’t need to contour there, but instead you have big forehead and applying bronzer only there will make face look more natural, harmonic and balanced.

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Tip no 3
Don’t Go Too Low For The Brow!

Remember that if you want to make your brows thicker, you should give them volume above. If you overdraw the below their natural line you will look older.


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Tip no 4
Correct Pimple Coverage

If you want to party all night and not to worry if your new friend The Pimple will show up unwanted, do these:

  • - Put foundation and let it dry
  • - Put concealer
  • - Right after concealer you can put setting powder, leave it for few seconds, and then remove excess product gently with a small brush

This way you will make best, long-lasting camouflage, and you can carelessly arty till the dawn.

Tip no 5
Blending is everything!

Blend everything – brow pencil, eyeshadow, contour, eyeliner, and brush. This way your makeup will look more professional, more natural, and once your face will start sweating while you dance and drink alcohol, your makeup will be under control and you won’t start looking like a clown.


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Tip no 6

You need to do that before any big night out. It will help applying any makeup even, and will protect your skin from the unwanted dead cells and extensive makeup.

Tip no 7
Separate your lashes.

If you want to give your lashes extra volume, for a deep, seductive look, brush them! Put one layer of mascara, brush, let it dry. Put second layer of mascara, brush, let it dry. Put third layer of mascara, brush, let it dry. Repeat the process until you receive the look you want.

If you want extra, extra, extra volume - add loose powder after each layer.


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Tip no 8
The easy and perfect ‘smokey eye’ trick

ISmokey eye seems such an easy makeup, but all of us struggle not to look like Bucky Barnes… You know that meme right? If no, now you will:

The trick is to do lines with black pencil like on the tutorial pic above - add just few lines and then blend them! No eyeshadow struggle, no dillema which eyeshadow color first! If you want subtle effect do the process once, if you want eyes to be more black, repeat the lines and blending in the very same place. Done!


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Tip no 9
Perfectly winged eyeliner

For the most precise wing you can use 2 products:

  • - STEP 1 draw the wing borders with very precise felt tip eyeliner
  • - STEP 2 fill in with intense in color gel liner

That’s it! There is no easier way to get the sharpest and sexiest wing!

RECOMMENDED PRODUCT: Pit Felt Tip Liner & Pit Gel Liner

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Tip no 10
Make lipstick stay longer

Setting in 4 steps:

  • - Put 1 layer of a lipstick.
  • - Press tissue against your lips
  • - Take medium / small brush and dab a bit of powder on the lips through the tissue
  • - Put 2 layer of lipstick

Done! Now your lips can go party with you ‘all-nite-long’.


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Tip no 11
The even red lips hack

This trick will keep your red lipstick in place, plus it will give much nicer shape to your lips, it will make your lips POP!

After putting your lipstick, take small concealer brush, and apply the concealer around your lips, giving them your desired shape. Than gently blend excess of concealer.

Leaving your lips unlined will make the lipstick bleed into the natural creases of the skin around your mouth - outlining with concealer will prevent that, and prevent from lipstick smearing.

Done! Now your lips can go party with you ‘all-nite-long’.


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Tip no 12
Phone flashlight test

The very important step you should do each time you do your makeup in the evening. Each of us have different lightning in our rooms, bathrooms, kitchen, or wherever we are used to do our makeup.

The poor lightning can actually make your makeup look better than in actually is.

So each time when your done with putting your makeup, do the ‘phone flash test’:

  • - Direct phone flash on your face
  • - Check in your mirror how your makeup looks then

Usually it shows that we didn’t blend foundation, or blush, or eyeshadow as good as we thought. Thanks to this quick trick, we can make sure our makeup will look perfect anywhere, even in the very morning when we finish the NYE party!

Tip no 13
Keep it clean!

This is a very important trick - especially in the period of new years and christmas festives. When we tend to hurry with everything, have so many duties, and no time to do your makeup slowly and precisely.

Wear undereye mask when you plan to do your makeup! They will help your eyes relax, depuff your eyes and… they act as shadow catchers! No more messy eyeshadow on your chics.

Tip no 14
Want to make your eyes bigger?

Smooth foundation over your lids instead of nude shadow. It matches your skin tone better, hence it makes your eyes seem larger.

You can also make small eyes appear wider by putting shimmery black pencil on top of your black eyeliner (after it will dry).

Pressing eyeliner into just the outer third of the lash (not all way along your eye), will make eyes look bigger.

You can also choose 2 colors trick - black eyeliner on top, and brown eyeliner on the bottom - it will define eyes, and will make them look more ‘open’ than if you only use black color.


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